Summer school 2019

Summer School 2019
Summer School

Summer school 2019 was jam packed with fun and learning! Grades K-2 kicked it up with the theme “Down on the Farm.” They enjoyed having Phan Pharms bring a goat petting zoo and Lindsay Smith brought miniature horses and a gigantic bunny to admire. Days were filled with fun activities in art creating amazing artwork! Students created fish aquariums, slime, mosaics, fairy pots, and more! During PE the students participated in lots of fun games. There were relay races to run, Frisbees to throw, beach balls to bounce, and lots more!  Mid Continent Library kept everyone busy with multiple showings of their programs so more students could attend. We really appreciated them doing that for us! Kindergarten even had a special story time just for them! Molly Beale came and took some adorable pictures of all the kids, too. She made the pictures available to parents for free! Thank you so much Molly for always doing a wonderful job and supporting our summer school!

Grades 3-8 enjoyed the theme “Rock this World.” They too were kept busy with trips to the library for programs and to check out books so they could participate in the “Summer Reading Program.” Third and fourth grades had nutrition classes every Wednesday with Kerri Preston from the University of Missouri Extension Office. The junior high students created a play that they performed for everyone in the gym. They too created fabulous artwork during art class every day. Some examples included stencil modern art splatter paintings, miniature hot wax landscapes, and repurposed altoid tins to name a few. PE classes were busy, as well. Lots of games to keep everyone active and participating were played by all. Another special activity was for the older students to read to the younger students. They took this very seriously and practiced reading their books so the younger students would enjoy the experience, too. We’re pretty sure all involved had a blast!

This year summer school wrapped up the last two days with water day and a field trip. For water day the students began the day with a tour of the Camden Point Fire Department. They watched a fire safety presentation put on by the department. After that the students went to the park and were sprayed by the fire hose. Even some of the teachers were allowed to use the hose to spray the students! Thank you to the fire department for making this day possible! Following the spraying a picnic lunch was enjoyed with students taking turns playing with bubbles, spitting seeds, and creating fabulous artwork with sidewalk chalk. They returned to school and finished the day with the attendance assembly. For every day the students attended every single minute his/her name was placed in the bucket for a change to win an attendance prize. This year the grand prizes were a $50 Walmart gift card, a bean bag chair, and a tent. Congratulations to all the winners! Finally, 114 eligible students went on the field trip. They went to see Toy Story 4 at the theater, had lunch at Dagg Park, and played in the park’s spray park. Students returned from the trip with great memories yet ready to see what the rest of their summer would bring.

Thanks again to everyone who made this summer school session a wonderful experience and success!